What to consider when choosing a listing agent

There are two big mistakes that home sellers make when choosing an agent to list their home. Can you guess what they are? Choosing the agent that gives them the highest list price. Choosing the agent with the lowest commission. These are mistakes for multiple reasons. Some agents will be less than truthful to get… Read More

5 Last Minute Gift Ideas

If you are anything like us, there are still some people on your list that you haven’t gotten a gift for. With 3 days until Christmas, it may be time to start shopping. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are 5 last minute gifts so good, they’ll think you planned it all year: A Key… Read More

Top 3 mistakes for sale by owners make

One of the biggest reasons people choose to forgo a realtor and list their house themselves is to save money on commission. Saving that money sounds good in theory, but you stand to lose even more money selling your home yourself. You also put yourself at risk legally and financially. Here are the top 3… Read More

4 Easy DIY Gifts

Figuring out a unique, yet inexpensive gift for your children’s teachers, coaches, and classmates can be hard. It can be especially difficult when you have a lot of people to shop for. Here are 4 inexpensive DIY gifts that anyone would love to receive: Candy Sleighs These are incredibly easy to make and super cute…. Read More

3 ways to save money when buying a new home

­­Buying a home is an expensive lifetime investment, so it’s important to be smart about how you spend your money. Besides getting a good deal on a house, there are several ways to save money. Use an experienced, local real estate agent A good agent will save you a lot of time and money. They… Read More

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Have you started the seemingly never-ending hunt for the perfect gifts this holiday season? Is there someone in your family who you always seem to have trouble shopping for? We’ve pulled together a list of our favorite popular and unique gifts for all of your friends and family. Keep reading for some great ideas! For… Read More

5 DIY projects to leave to the pros

We get it, HGTV makes you feel empowered to do anything. Before you pick up a hammer and nails, consider this: REALITY TV IS NOT ACTUALLY REALITY. Home improvement shows are about the story, they are meant to be entertaining. Permits and paperwork and all the small details do not make compelling television! So if… Read More

Ashley Wilson Realty Group Retreat 2018

The Ashley Wilson Realty Group family had our team retreat on Tuesday to gear up for the new year, and our 2018 theme is Commitment to Excellence. We kicked off the day with a little blindfolded trust exercise that resulted in lots of laughs and maybe an injury or two. After bandages were applied, we… Read More

Charlotte Ranked Among Top Real Estate Markets

If you’re considering relocating to Charlotte, it’s important to be familiar with the real estate market. Luckily, Charlotte was recently ranked among WalletHub’s best markets. Charlotte ranks number 45 on WalletHub’s list, and for good reason! Not only does the city have top notch jobs, schools, and food, but nature and the outdoors are in… Read More

9 Things Your Real Estate Agent Wishes You Knew

Real estate agents are here to make selling your home an easy, stress-free, and a positive experience. However, sometimes the selling experience can be less than stellar. Here are a few things your agent wishes you knew that will make going from FOR SALE to SOLD enjoyable for everyone. Turning away showings is turning away… Read More