9 Things Your Real Estate Agent Wishes You Knew

Real estate agents are here to make selling your home an easy, stress-free, and a positive experience. However, sometimes the selling experience can be less than stellar. Here are a few things your agent wishes you knew that will make going from FOR SALE to SOLD enjoyable for everyone.

  1. Turning away showings is turning away potential buyers. – It’s inconvenient and a pain, but you have to be ready for a showing at any time! The people who are only giving you an hour’s warning may be the people who wind up purchasing your home.
  2. Keep your home clean. – It’s easier to squeeze in showings if you keep your house clean. If you do a floor-to-ceiling scrub down when putting your house on the market, you can maintain it easily by dusting, vacuuming, and tidying daily.
  3. Buyers will open every single closet door. – When tidying your home, don’t shove everything into the guest bedroom closet. You may never open it, but potential buyers will! If you have odds and ends stuffed to the brim, it gives the impression that there isn’t enough storage in the house. If necessary, rent a storage unit.
  4. Keeps your pets (and their odors!) out of the house. – First impressions are everything, and if you’ve left three litter boxes ten squeaky toys laying out that is the only thing that potential buyers will remember about your home.
  5. Pricing your home too high will be your downfall. – If every other home in your neighborhood is selling for $200,000, then your home that is listed at $245,000 will be ignored. By the time you finally drop the price, your home will miss that sweet spot when most potential buyers see a home.
  6. Life is not like HGTV. – The buying and selling process varies so wildly across the country, state, and even individual cities. Don’t be discouraged when your experience isn’t exactly the same. TV is meant as entertainment.
  7. Communicate with your agent. – Your agent’s goal is to accomplish your goal, which is selling your house. If you have questions or are feeling hesitant about selling, tell them! It’s their job to help you.
  8. Trust your agent’s expertise. – Along those same lines, you should trust your agent. This is their job and they have experience and resources that you don’t. If they say your home will never sell at that price, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your expectations.
  9. Don’t take it personally. – It’s easy to get your feelings hurt when your agent says you have to take your family pictures down or paint over your daughter’s hot pink bedroom. Just remember that it’s important for the buyer to visualize themselves in your home, which is hard to do if your style is a little more eclectic.

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