4 Arguments a Couple Might Have when Buying a House

Few things test a relationship quite like buying a house together, It makes sense, since there’s a lot on the line. Brace yourselves for an argument or two, but then read about some below so you can discuss how you’ll handle them before they happen.

  1. Where to buy – Many couples disagree on the location of where they want to buy, so be prepared to have a discussion and potentially compromise.
  2. Whether the home is “perfect” enough to make an offer – It’s a good idea to give each home a letter grade in order to stay on the same page when looking for the elusive perfect house.
  3. How aggressive the offer should be – One of the biggest disagreements that couples have is how much they are willing to offer when they do find a house they both love. In this instance, deferring back to your realtor’s expertise may be the best idea.
  4. Who gets which room – Whether the upstairs bonus room will be a better man cave or craft room can be a huge point of contention. The best way to get past this argument is to forgo deciding until after you’ve lived in the house. You might both decide that it works better as a guest room.