4 Surprising Ways Your Neighbors can Save You Money

Many Americans don’t even know their neighbors’ names let alone know them well enough to help them save money. Being friends with your neighbors affords you a lot of great benefits that you may not have otherwise.

Here are 4 money saving advantages to being friends with your neighbors.

  1. You’ll save on house sitters, baby sitters, and pet sitters – If you need someone to check your mail and water your plants while you’re on vacation, or someone to watch your children for a much needed night out, many people are more than willing to do so. Especially if they know they’ll get the same treatment from you later on in the future.
  2. You’ll save yourself from a costly emergency – Certain home problems are time-sensitive, and an emergency (like a burst pipe) while you’re out of town can be devastating. But if your neighbors know you’re gone, they can watch out for that kind of disaster.
  3. You can go in together on big purchases – When several people get together and agree to purchase a service (lawn care, pool cleaning, etc.), then it’s easier to negotiate discounts with the service provider.
  4. Your toolbox will never be empty – Knowing who owns what tools on the block and making yours available for borrowing will ensure that you don’t have to buy every single tool you need, especially if you’ll only use it once.