South Charlotte Homes Selling Quickly!

Homes for sale in south Charlotte are seeing a fast turn around!






If you live around the Arboretum Shopping Center, you may have noticed “sold” signs are popping up everywhere. Since December, south Charlotte has seen climb in sales due to a few major factors:



1. Better economy, more money to spend

As families incomes increase and the economy is improving, people are becoming more comfortable with spending, even on big investments like a new home. With the current growth occur, it is a great time to buy a new home while prices are still low.


2. Spring fever

The temperature is increasing and people want a fresh start in a new home. Many families have been feeling an urge to buy a new home for a while, but simply could not do so in the previous state of the economy. Now there is a sense of safety in state of market, many feel it is time to release their pent-up desire to buy.



3. Searching for better schools

As the college admissions rate is becoming more and more competitive, buyers across the board are putting education on the top of their list of needs. Many look to south Charlotte because it is well known for having phenomenal schools. From Elizabeth Lane Elementary to Providence High School, schools in this area see standardized test scores that on top year after year.

4. Family oriented community

Most see south Charlotte as a community that is well-rounded. Buyers who do their research will quickly learn from natives that there is always some sort of innovative entertainment for the entire family. Whether there’s a free concert at the Promenade on Providence Rd. or family games at Davie Park, south Charlotte homeowners are bound to find a wide range of activities at their fingertips.



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