Homeowner Cost versus Value of Renovations

Home Renovation Return on Investment

We were asked by Realtor.org to complete the annual survey for the Remodeling’s 2011-2012 Cost Vs Value Report. This is great information for Raleigh home owners looking to make improvements to their residences or for anyone looking to sell their home in the near future. The TOP 5 Items from last years report that were the best “bang for the buck” include:

  • Siding Replacement – fiber-cement 78%
  • Entry Door Replacement – steel 73%
  • Attic Bedroom Addition 72.5%
  • Kitchen: Minor Remodel 72.1%
  • Garage Door Replacement 71.9%

Find the entire report from last year Here!

Stay tuned, we will post the new report as soon as it is released!