Who to Hire for Home Improvements


Planning to update your home this summer?  Listen up; we have some advice for you!




Renovations should be an exciting process, but planning and deciding whom to hire can be overwhelming. Good news: Wilson Realty Group has seen it all first-hand and we want to share a few insights to hopefully save you from sleepless nights!

The first step is to decide the intensity of your project. Are you repainting a bedroom, replacing fixtures, putting up/fixing a fence, or looking to do any other type of minor updates? If you are, these tasks take time, but do not require a licensed professional.

If you simply do not have the extra time to do them yourself, a handyman is the person to call. A handyman is an easy route to take as long as you do your homework! Even if the task may seem pretty straightforward, a handyman is not required to provide a license for the work they do. This is not to say you need to spend an unnecessary amount of money on a contractor. The right handyman can be a gift from the heavens and also save you a plethora of cash. The best route is to hire someone with trusted references in order to make certain your project will be completed with the highest level of quality and assurance.

What if you are planning a project involving alterations to your plumbing or electrical systems? Typically, for projects requiring more skill than labor you will want a contractor. Though they can be more costly upfront, in the long run you will save money when hiring a professional. It is important to remember to still set aside time evaluating a contractor’s references before hiring them.

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