Kathy Kenyon

Kathy is a North Carolina native, raised in eastern NC, and has called the Triangle home since 2011.
Having earned a B.A. in Communication Studies from UNC Wilmington, Kathy strives to communicate
efficiently and effectively with all her interactions. She has spent over 13 years in multifamily property
management, where she was responsible for maintaining and repositioning large rental communities
from the coast to the Triangle.
As a Buyers’ Agent, Kathy is thrilled to be someone you can count on to provide excellent service. Kathy
is able to provide the knowledge her clients need to guide them through home purchases, whether it is
their first home or if they have purchased several before. Kathy enjoys finding the unique characteristics
of many of the various areas around the Triangle and matching her clients’ needs to a community that
works for them.
Outside of real estate, Kathy enjoys spending time with her fiancé, Ben, and lovable Labrador Retriever,
Oliver. She enjoys trips to the mountains, hiking, boxing, and playing in a kickball league.