6 Inexpensive Ways to Transform a Room Fast

Are you growing tired of your home décor? Or have you been tired of it for a while, but you haven’t had the time or money to make a change? You’re in luck because we have 6 tips to update your home inexpensively in less than 3 hours.

  1. Create an accent wall with removable wallpaper – It’s easy to add color and texture with removeable wallpaper. AND if you don’t like it, you can remove it.
  2. Switch out small accents – New textiles like pillows, rugs, and throw blankets can totally change the look and feel of a room. It’s easy to switch out seasonally.
  3. Paint a piece of furniture – A new coat of paint on a bookshelf, fireplace, or dresser is a game changer that will completely update a room in just an afternoon.
  4. Get a slipcover – A modern slipcover in a linen or denim fabric will add color, texture, and interest to a room. It’s like a brand new piece of furniture without the enormous price tag.
  5. Move your artwork – Take a look at what you have as far as artwork and décor and switch it up between rooms.
  6. Change the curtains – A room without curtains can look bare and cold, but having the right set will totally tie a room together. That’s why switching out your curtains will make such a huge difference.