5 Things You Should Never Leave Out During an Open House

When an open house is scheduled, you know not to leave your purse or stacks of dirty clothes laying around. However, there are plenty of other items that you should hide or take with you before potential buyers enter your house.

  1. Personal items – This includes documents, mail, medications, and any technology that can easily be taken.
  2. Space heaters and fans – This implies to the buyer that the house is either too hot or too cold and the HVAC is too inefficient for the space.
  3. Empty ash trays – Even if it’s left outside, the buyer will assume that you sometimes smoke inside and will be immediately turned off.
  4. Your pet – Some people aren’t big on animals, so it’s best to take your dog, cat, or hamster, plus their bowls, toys, and cages out of the house.
  5. Delicious food in your fridge or pantry – Although it’s uncommon, there have been cases of open house guests and potential buyers helping themselves to a snack.